Our freshly roasted coffee is offered wholesale in both Colombian and Guatemalan bean. These are offered in either whole bean or freshly ground in 2, 2.5, and 4-oz. single-use packages. We also offer decaf and espresso.

We believe that you and your customers deserve better coffee, and you should agree with us! Customers will remember small details like the quality of your coffee, especially if you’re a breakfast restaurant. Most patrons are used to burnt, poor quality coffee. Surprise and delight them with freshly roasted, local coffee from King of Clubs that they’ll remember.

We realize that many locations are tied into a long-term contract, or are given machines to supply sub-par coffee to their patrons. The choice of coffee should never boil down to who lets you use a machine, and no quality provider of coffee should lock someone into a long-term contract!
To remedy this, we provide complimentary coffee machines to our customers to make an easy transition to the wonderful world of great coffee. Those stuck into a long-term contract can still offer our beverage coffee products, and we’ll sign you on to a future contract to take over when your current one expires.

ON TAP: Cold Brew & Nitro Brew

Give your business or restaurant a refreshing twist by offering King of Clubs’ Cold Brew coffee and Nitro coffee on tap. Our coffee can be hooked up to an existing tap system with nitro, to serve smooth, rich Nitro right next to your company’s selection of beers.

Nitro coffee is also popular as a great mixer with cocktails. We’ll take care of delivery, set-up, and provide any assistance needed. Each of our nitro kegs are outfitted with special hardware to facilitate nitro infusion, offering 40 pints, or about fifty-three 12 oz. pours. We’ll even help with the quick and easy setup to integrate our kegs into our existing tap line, and provide you with one of our tap handles.

We provide complimentary deliveries for local customers on a weekly schedule.

Cold Brew Bottles, Retail

Don’t have a tap line, or want to offer an old fashioned touch, something more physical? We offer our 16 oz. cold brew bottles. Wow your customers with a retro and classy touch. The bottles are available for both retail and wholesale. Minimum purchase order of 30 bottles, which will retain their flavor and purity for 30 days. Contact us for pricing.

We love our products, and we’re confident you will too. Send us a message, and we’ll be happy to schedule a demonstration. For wholesale pricing and details, email us atcontact@kingclubs.com. For an in-person demonstration of our products, we host regularly scheduled Freedom Fridays in Williamsburg’s arts district.

Call to RSVP: 844.492.8379


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